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Digital software products created in the MQL programming language.

Payments. Payment by credit card online. Security guarantee. Delivery rules. Return of goods. Confidentiality.

Delivery rules: the delivery is carried out to the e-mail address of the buyer, specified by him when paying within 24 hours.

Return of goods: Any digital software purchased on this site can not be returned. Any questions on the use, as well as in case of detection of defects or malfunctions, the communication with the buyer is carried out through electronic correspondence E-MAIL address: globallongtrendea@gmail.com, or by phone of technical support +79511124364.

Any Digital goods purchased on this site are not subject to return and exchange. I pay for the goods on our website, you agree with this.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998. In case of discoveries of shortcomings in goods whose properties do not allow them to be eliminated (food products, perfumes and cosmetics, household chemical goods and other goods), the buyer has the right to demand replacement of such goods with good quality goods or a commensurate reduction in the purchase price. Instead of presenting these requirements, the buyer has the right to refuse the purchased goods and demand a return of the sum paid for the goods. At the same time, the buyer, at the request of the seller and at his expense, must return the received goods of inadequate quality. Confidentiality Federal Law No. 152-FZ of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data" is a federal law regulating the processing and use of personal data.

1. Definitions. The Internet project www.globallongtrendea.net (hereinafter referred to as "we") takes seriously the issue of confidentiality of information of its customers and visitors to the site www.globallongtrendea.net ("you", "site visitors"). Personalized, we refer to information containing personal data (for example: name, login or company name) of the site visitor, as well as information about the actions you perform on the URL site. (for example: the order of a site visitor with his contact information). Anonymous we call data that can not be uniquely identified with a specific visitor to the site (for example: site traffic statistics).

2. Use of information. We use personalized information of a specific visitor to the site solely to ensure that it provides quality services and their accounting. We do not disclose the personalized data of some visitors to the site URL to other visitors to the site. We never publish personalized information in the public domain and do not share it with third parties. The only exception is the situation when the provision of such information to authorized state bodies is prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. We publish and distribute only reports based on collected anonymous data. However, the reports do not contain information on which it would be possible to identify personalized data of service users. We also use anonymous data for internal analysis, the purpose of which is to develop products and services URLs.

3. References. The website www.globallongtrendea.net may contain links to other sites that are not related to our company and which belong to third parties. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information posted on the websites of third parties, and we assume no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information you have left on such sites. 

4. Limitation of liability. We do everything possible to comply with this privacy policy, however, we can not guarantee the safety of information in the event of the impact of factors beyond our control, the result of which will be the disclosure of information. The website www.globallongtrendea.net and all the information posted on it are presented on an "as is" basis without any guarantees.We are not responsible for any adverse consequences, as well as for any losses caused by restriction of access to the site URL or due to visiting the site and use of the information placed on it. 

5. Contacts. For questions regarding this policy, please contact E-MAIL: globallongtrendea@gmail.com 

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